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A quick heads up for users of Bell Ringer.

We have made some changes to the Bell Ringer features that we think you will like. 

In this Bell Ringer update:


You now have the option to have the Panic Bell loop or continuously play when Bell Ringer opens.

Why would you want to do this?

Previously the Panic Bell would sound once if it was the last selected bell / sound. That was fine for getting some quick attention.

But suppose your in a situation where you want to draw continuous attention. You can set the Panic Bell to sound until you stop it.

People may ignore the Panic Alarm if they here it sound once but they are more likely to investigate or come running if it does not stop.

On the other hand if you feel threatened by something, person or animal, you may scare them off by having the Panic Bell play continuously.

Please remember there is no substitute for keeping yourself and others safe where ever you may be.

Emergency services in your area should be your first call when the situation requires their services.

Settings for this option are found on the new Settings page which can be opened by tapping the ellipse on the Main page and selecting Settings.

Other updates:

- Total space used on your device by your Saved Sounds is now displayed at the top of your Sounds page.

- The size and name of the sound file is displayed when you play back the sound on the Main page.

- A hint icon and textual guide walk you through the recording of a new sound.

Thank you to all our users for the feed back!

We hope that Bell Ringer continues to get you all the attention you deserve.

Have fun, play safe and be well!