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Dream Catcher is a recording app for everyone!

You just...

- woke from a dream and don't want to forget it...

- had a great idea for some new lyrics...

- need to leave yourself a quick memo

- want to create a quick shopping list

Great for practicing speeches, scripts and presentations!

The recorder has several features:

- Auto-save on navigation from app

- Auto resume when app is reopened or navigated back to

- Edit /Append to recording

-Recording length limit safeguard (adjustable)

Dream Catcher Main Dream Catcher Recording Dream Catcher Recording Paused

This recorder is suitable for anyone that wants to quickly make an audio recording. With the recording length limit safeguard you can select a recording length limit and start recording. The selected limit is displayed while recording. When the recording length limit is reached the recorder automatically stops. Quickly preview your saved recordings! - Tap to select and tap to play. - No need to tap the stop button to select a different file. - Just select a new recording and tap play again.

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